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Unique sphere design.

TUF-PD USB fast charger option.

LED ring option.

Secure desktop mounting.

Work and fun can go together with the OE Elsafe PLANET desktop power module. With its eye catching spherical design, lively colour combinations and optional LED ring, PLANET is perfect for your breakout areas, café’s and meeting rooms.

The three socket apertures in PLANET can be configured with your choice of AC Power and data/AV including our TUF-PD: Twin USB Fast charger.   Planet is supplied complete with integral fixing grommet and locking nut for secure and tool free installation in industry standard 80mm grommet apertures.


PLANET’s 3 socket outlets may be configured with a combination of power, data/AV and USB charging including our class leading TUF-PD: Twin USB Fast charger.


PLUTO top dome – high-strength 5VA fire retardant ‘LEXAN 943’ polycarbonate enclosure
PLANET underdome – Fire retartdant ABS

Colour Options

Dome cover (all gloss) – White, black, yellow, orange, red, pink, green, light blue and dark blue
PLANET under dome –  Standard satin white
Outlets – Grey or black
Optional LED lighting – Red, green, blue or cool white

Power Connection Options

2000mm Australia/New Zealand 10A 3 pin plug  (bottom exit only)
800mm lead to J Coupler (bottom exit only)
1400mm lead to J Coupler (bottom exit only)


PLANET is supplied as standard with the “clamp 80” kit for secure mounting to an 80mm grommet hole. Bespoke mounting solutions also available if required.

Quality and Testing

Visual: Configuration and appearance.
Power sockets: Continuity, polarity, insulation and earth
USB charger: Output voltage and resistance
All sockets continuity tested with batch performance testing
“We test every pin on every connection in every socket”



PLANET is designed to fit into an ø80mm hole, in surfaces up to 30mm thick. If your surface does not have an ø80mm hole, a 79mm hole cutter can be used to create one.

1.Place PLANET into the cutout

2. Tighten the locking ring until secure



For codes please email your request to sales@oeelsafe.com.au or call 1300 ELSAFE (357 233).
This item is designed and intended for commercial use.