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Bring your furniture to life


Animate breaks the rules about how you bring power to your furniture.  Create a truly agile environment with our new

range of integrated laptop and mobile charging solutions powered by our commercial grade QIKPAC BATTERY.

Charge Anywhere

Big Power in a small package!

PICCOLO is powered via a compact QikFit Power Supply Unit which sits discreetly under the desk. The PSU can be connected to multiple, multinational, QikFit power units all held within the QikTray cable basket providing an ideal kit for any desk, anywhere.

Discover the animate difference


The ANIMATE solution provides power to spaces without the need for a fixed power supply.  At the heart of the ANIMATE solution is the QikPAC battery, a rechargeable commercial grade portable power pack.

Born from the idea that people should be able to work anywhere, ANIMATE modules can be integrated into furniture and fixtures to provide easily accessible power. Whether a desk in an office, soft seating in a library, or a park bench, ANIMATE will provide connectivity anywhere people choose to work.

ANIMATE provides power for three scenarios: FREE, FIXED and AGILE.

  • FREE is where the furniture is not connected to mains power but ‘free to move’ around fully powered by QikPAC batteries.
  • FIXED is for permanent installations where the furniture does not move with or without a power supply.
  • AGILE is a more flexible installation where furniture may move from time to time.


Have your space exactly how you need it with the freedom to reconfigure at any time.  We believe you should be able to work anywhere, and that’s what ANIMATE does.

Animate in action

Workspace Furniture

Designing a flexible workspace that can easily be adapted to a wide range of uses maximises your investment. Incorporating QIKPAC into your furniture provides mobility without compromising on connectivity. Furniture can be moved around to suit changing workday requirements and powered by either mains or the OE QIKPAC battery solution.

Incorporating innovative technologies into workspace design gives us a real opportunity to futureproof the office, providing flexible user experiences that drive business productivity today and well into the future.





Education Spaces 

Providing mobile furniture with integrated connectivity promotes agile learning spaces ensuring students get the most out of their academic day.  OE Elsafe offer a range of innovative technologies that fit seamlessly into education furniture and can be powered by mains or our patented QIKPAC battery solution.

Whether creating small task-based spaces or a large group learning space, it has never been easier to include portable power and device charging, the options really are only limited by your imagination.




Mobile power 

When we began work on the animate range, scalability was at the forefront of the design. We wanted the ecosystem to be just as suitable for a single piece of furniture, as it would be for the entire building. That’s why with just two elements of the range, the QIKPAC battery and the TUF HP USB charger, you can incorporate high power fast USB A+C laptop and mobile charging into something as small and portable as an ottoman.

The QIKPAC battery can provide 72W power delivery charging for laptops, mobile phones and tablets ensuring hours of continuous use. When the QIKPAC battery starts to run low, simply click it out using the QIKPAC Removal Tool and click in a fresh battery.



The ANIMATE modular range is scalable providing power for any required number of USB and/or wireless chargers. Furthermore, the small form factor and discreet fitting options allow for a 100% clear work surface.

A single lead from a wall socket will power multiple QF PSUs which in turn power the PICCOLO and ARC charging modules. If there is no available power supply then the entire boardroom table can be powered with QIKPAC commercial grade rechargeable batteries.

The ANIMATE range connects seamlessly to our existing QIKFIT power range. If you have a wall-mounted TV or screen, a QIKFIT power module can be added to the circuit to power them also.




Recycling QikPAC Batteries 

OE Elsafe have an end of life policy recommending all lithium-Ion batteries are recycled. Many businesses in Australia have partnered with Envirostream to collect and forward end of life batteries for recycling. OE will take back end of life batteries or can provide a list of drop off collection partners who then forward the batteries to Envirostream.  

The Envirostream recycling facility is equipped to recover the maximum amount of resources (~95%) from all types of spent batteries. Those resources are then returned to the manufacturing sector, with the active components of end-of-life Li-ion batteries – cobalt, nickel, lithium and graphite – subsequently used as raw materials in the production of new Li-ion batteries. The aim is for a truly circular, and therefore sustainable, battery economy.

Envirostream provide efficient collection and transport options ensuring there is no longer any excuse for spent batteries to leave Australia or be consigned to landfill.

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