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TUF-R USB Charging


TUF-R is both upgradable and replaceable

TUF R is modular and fits most OE products

The OE TUF-R USB charger has been developed for the future offering the same powerful, compact and efficient charging as TUF A+C with one fantastic advantage: it’s replaceable.  TUF-R features include:-

    • Total 25W Power Output
    • Reversible USB Type A, cables connect both ways (unique to OE)
    • Patented Replaceable USB cartridge
    • Internal overload protection
    • LED Power Delivery indication
    • Integrates into most OE units
    • Tested to the highest safety standards

Replaceable By Anyone Using OE’s Simple Tool

TUF-R is quick and simple to replace without the need for an electrician or turning off the power. The unique patented benefit of being replaceable makes TUF-R perfect for areas of high traffic such as airports, schools and hospitality where if damaged through misuse TUF-R can simply be quickly replaced.

Technology never stands still so being replaceable also allows TUF-R to be upgraded in the future keeping pace with the latest mobile technology.

 Click to see how quick the TUF-R Cannister is to replace


USB Type-A and Type-C
25W Mobile & Tablet Charging


USB Type-A and Type-C
72W Laptop & Mobile Charging


USB Type-A and Type-C
Laptop & Mobile Charging

Developed for high use areas such as Hotels, airport lounges, trains and schools/colleges, TUF-R charging sockets can be replaced on-site without even the need to disconnect the AC supply.

TUF – Twin USB Fast Charger Specifications

Qikfit TUF is for charging only; no data transfer is available as no connection to a computer is provided.

USB charging outlets 1 x Type A Female
1 x Type C Female
Charging Current Max 5A in total
AC voltage range 240V AC 50/60Hz
AC input current Max 0.6amp at full load
<0.5mA at no load
Rated total Output 25W max
Output voltage 5V DC +- 5%
Standby Power use <0.05W
Life expectancy Min 5 years in normal use
USB connector Gold Plated
Min. Insertions – 5,000 for Type A, 10,000 for Type C
Over current protection Yes – Auto reset
Short Circuit protection Yes – Auto reset
Operating Temperature 0° to 30°C
Max relative humidity 85% RH
Safety Certifications Safety – IEC 60950-1: 2005 (2nd Edition) + AM 1:2009 + Am 2:2013
EMC – EN62104-3:200
Additional Features • Dynamic voltage adjustment to compensate for cable voltage loss
• Protection from external surges
• Blue LED

*Insertion lifetime refers to USB contacts only.


Indicative Charging Times

From 10% to 90%

Device Time
iPhone X

Type C – 79 minutes

Type A – 86 minutes

iPhone 8+

Type C – 71 minutes

Type A – 75 minutes

Samsung Galaxy Note 8

Type C – 69 minutes

Type A – 87 minutes

iPad Pro 9.7

Type C – 125 minutes

Type A – 235 minutes

Macbook Pro 13″ Laptop Type C – 235 minutes
This item is designed and intended for commercial use.