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Soft Wiring

Cables and Starters

Soft Wiring - Cables and Starters

What is Soft Wiring?

Soft wiring is a modular wiring plug-and-play solution designed for commercial and workspace environments.  

OE Elsafe soft wiring solutions are comprehensive, safe, efficient and easy to install offering maximum flexibility when adding to or changing solutions.  Modules can be disconnected and reconfigured to suit the changing workspace requirements.   

Soft Wiring Products We Offer

UMBILICALS – OE Elsafe have a choice of umbilical cable management solutions for ceiling to desk, desk to floor and ceiling to floor configurations.   

CABLE BASKETS – The PRODIGY cable basket comes with built in mounting arms for the quickest installation on the market today.  Once fixed in place QikFIT power, data and AV modules simply click into place.  

CABLES & CONNECTORS – Complete your solution with our wide range of starter cables, sockets, soft wiring interconnecting leads, cables and accessories to create a streamlined and efficient softwiring solution. 

We Offer Comprehensive Solutions For:

  • Workspace & Office Environments
  • Education Facilities
  • Public Spaces
  • Exhibition and Convention Centres
  • Hospitality and Retail
  • Commercial Spaces

Contact us today   – Our experienced technical team are ready to work with you to create the best soft wiring solution for your project.