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Device Charging in Education

Power and Device Charging in Education Spaces

“The student experience is at the heart of education design today with, emphasis on creating environments that ensure students get the most out of their academic day.”

Education is a sector that feeds on technological innovations and therefore it seems apt that universities provide learning space technologies that match the educational demands of 2021.

Laptops and mobiles are now the norm in class with students carrying 2 or 3 devices, many of which do not last a full day of researching, writing and accessing class notes.  With the reliance on devices in the learning environment it is vital for students to have easy access to power and charging, providing peace of mind and enabling full participation without the worry of flat batteries.

OE Elsafe power modules provide cutting edge, patented technologies including USB C laptop charging and the world’s first reversible A port. Our power modules fit seamlessly into libraries and student spaces, integrated into desks, lockers, seating, and panels, adding practical functionality.  It has never been easier to include power and device charging in your interior design (new or retrofitted), it really is only limited by your imagination.

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