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Project: Stanstead Passenger Terminal

OE Transport and Passenger HUB Partners

The OE Group have partnered with many transport designers across the globe.  Our class leading TUF-R replaceable USB fast charging modules appear in at least 35 transport hubs, lounges, trains and even on ferries.  London’s Stanstead Airport Departures Lounge is one example of our ongoing and successful partnership with passenger terminal designers.

London Stanstead Airport – PHASE TUF-R

The Swedish manufacturer Green Furniture Concepts installed their popular Nova C bench seats, providing seating for over 1,000 passengers in the main Departure Lounge – a seating capacity increase of 40 per cent. 

Incorporated into the seating are 436 USB fast charging points housed in OE’s versatile PHASE power modules.  TUF-R USB charging was specified to ensure that any damaged USB outlets can be replaced quickly and easily by airport staff – without having to turn off the power supply.

“We are delighted with the fresh look of the main Departures Lounge and, most importantly, I’m confident passengers will also be very pleased with the changes we have made. It has updated the area and offers much-needed additional seating and device charging points.”

 Linsey Miller, Head of Terminal Operations

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