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Project: Luxmy Furniture

Every space in the new Luxmy Furniture office has been designed and fitted out to accommodate the needs of a busy creative workforce.  The spaces have been carefully crafted with custom furniture and are colour coordinated so that each team has their own space but are part of the office as a whole.

OE Elsafe have supplied a comprehensive soft wiring solution starting with the under-desk cable management including CABLE SNAKE, QIKFIT and PRODIGY cable baskets. CABLE SNAKE umbilicals contain and protect cables under the sit to stand desks enabling them to be adjusted to the height required by the user. PRODIGY cable baskets hold the cables and have been fitted with QIKFIT for under desk power and connectivity.

Above desk power and USB fast charging has been provided with PIXELTUF, QIKSILVA, and PULSE-8. QIKSILVA with 2GPOTUF sits atop the sit to stand desks in the green space providing USB fast charging and extra power for mobile devices.  Pixel-8 in desk power modules have been specified with a yellow band to colour coordinate with the space providing an integrated, stylish and practical solution.  PULSE-8 in red and black fits beautifully in the red partitioned desk area complimenting the custom furniture to create a streamlined, sleek workspace.

A custom built meeting table sits central providing a space to meet and connect.  The table has been fitted with OE Elsafe’s PEAK power/data/av and USB fast charging solution in a premium brushed stainless steel finish to compliment the wooden surface.  Also integrated are two ARC-80 wireless chargers to charge mobiles without the need for cables.

A meeting booth and end desk have been fitted with PLUTO power and USB fast charging modules to provide connectivity for mobile team members.  PODIUM, also from the Premium Stainless Steel range, provides a sophisticated desktop power and USB fast charging solution integrated into the desktop in the private office.

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